Top 3 Most Elegant Sash Types for Tremendous Party Decoration!

Whether it is your wedding or birthday party, decorations and all other embellishments make the core of it. We all know, planning a wedding or any other big event is not an easy job as it may seems superficially and needs a sweet amalgamation of sense of the latest trends, styles and knowledge of different themes and power to fill the guests with oomph.

Nevertheless to say that there is nothing more beautiful than adorning your furniture. And, when you are hosting a party, then it becomes quite tricky to play with an elegant choice of table and chair decorations. In order to beautify tables, the market is available with lots of choices, like: table covers, table toppers, table skirts, table cloths, candles, trays, floral or antique centerpieces and a lot more.

Further, decorating chairs includes chair covers and chair sashes. As simple and plain chairs often emanate lifelessness and look out of date. However, there is nothing else adds more than a chair cover with beautiful & astonishing sashes draped around it. A perfect match of stunning chair cover and sash takes both hard work as well as time to make it an ideal piece.

Here are the top 3 types of chair sashes that will make your entire event decorations a big success. Let’s have a pinch of it as below:

Satin Sashes:

The most elegant and fabulous piece of fabric with the finest range of patterns make the chair look more beautiful and perfect for a memorable event. This thin piece of fabric, when draped around the beautiful chair covers works as wonders. Nowadays, this fabric is available in a widespread range of bright and vibrant colors, enchanting the beauty of every event decorations.

Satin Sashes

Organza Sashes:

Another most favorite types of sashes which is made of light and bright fabrics, like: polyester, silk or viscose. This is most desirable type for lavish and luxury wedding events for their rich glossy and shiny look, which makes them more demanding. This sash exudes oomph and style, assuring outstanding event arrangements.

Organza Sashes


This soft and shiny look is just perfect for all kinds of dazzling event themes or decorations, making it popular for a number of occasions. This type of sash is made of silk or silk like fabric for enchanting the interiors of the home furniture as well as at any event. This is a light weighted small piece of cloth when draped around the chair with an eye-catching single bow or double bow tie looks every bit marvelous.


Some Famous Artistic Napkin Folding!

Dressing up tables for everyday use, and dressing it for some special occasion means a lot of difference! For regular usage not every accessory is necessary, but any special occasion keeping the table in well organized and elegant way is of utmost need to make that moment even more special.

Apart from various other accessories, cloth napkins are the most without which every table decoration seems incomplete. Yes, you heard it right, the Cloth Napkins! Also, a cloth napkin placed in different folding enchanting the beauty of the every decoration.

Even from the past times napkin folding is being one of the most artistic features of table dressing. In the bygone times, the napkin folding was quite simple, but today, it grasps the variation from the latest trends and fashions blooming inside the industry that results in the illustrious new folding arts.

Besides several others, there are some very famous artistic napkins folding being used all over. Some of them are specially categorized for some special occasions. Let’s have a look:

  • French Pleat Napkin;
  • Heart Shaped Napkin Fold;
  • Ring Napkin Fold;
  • Modern Bunny Ears;
  • The Pendent Fold.


Despite of the above types of folds, there are much more ways to fold a napkin that will compliment the theme of the occasion. No matter whether you are going for a romantic dinner or a corporate lunch meeting, simply describe your needs to the organizer and they know how to create an elegant look!

Folding Napkins in Style for Your Dinner Tables

Folding napkins for a nice lunch or dinner immediately brightens up the room. Folding napkins is an art that many know but only some master! If you are the kind of person who likes to make sure the tables are ready and look beautiful learning the different styles of napkin folding will help you achieve elegant diversity on your table!

Here are a few beautiful and easy napkin folds that instantly change the whole look and feel of the dining table.

Knot Napkin Fold: Use this napkin to bring a festive feeling to your dinner table, use a bright colored napkin that you fold into a knot and maybe put a nice message on it for thanksgiving or Christmas!

Knot Napkin Fold

Square Fold: Elegantly fold your napkins into squares and place them on the dinner table. They work perfectly for a lunch date with your friends at home. Simplicity speaks volumes of style!

square fold napkin

Bunny Fold Napkin: Master this napkin fold and your children will be happy! They work beautifully with adults too! It’s a stylish way of folding napkins and making your dinner table look fun and cool! Use them for Easter dinner parties!

Bunny Fold Napkin

Flower Fold Napkin: This feminine fold will make a perfect setting for a brunch in the garden! Use this pretty fold and receive compliments from everyone! It’s simpler than you think!

Flower Fold Napkin

Fleur De Lis Napkin Fold: This napkin fold is ideal for an extravagant dinner party as it will add volumes of style and an oomph factor to your dinner table especially when matched with the proper crockery and an elegant napkin ring.

Fleur De Lis Napkin Fold

TableCloths: A royal addition for your Dining Tables!

If clothes are meant to cover the human body, then surely the table cloths are meant to beautify the dining tables. From a street food junction to a five star hotel; the practice of hiding a dining table with tablecloths is seen common everywhere. Not only this, table napkin cloths, can also be seen at all such places, perhaps, to add a graceful touch into such ambiences! However, the quality of fabric may vary place to place.

But don’t you think, you should also add such checkered tablecloths for your home to cover your dining table! Well, it not just protects your table from dust, but also adds a charm in your living room, or wherever your dining table is.


Pintuck Taffeta Damask Tablecloths

Interestingly, you can buy such tablecloths or chair covers from online stores as well. There are many websites which offer you such table cloths, table napkins, table skirts, kitchen towels and a lot more. It is advised, that one should order the packs of such products, because you may get some discount or exciting offers also.

And, if you own a restaurant or a hotel; then these websites can turn out to be a boon for you. You can order such products in bundles, so that, you can beautify the ambiance of your eatery.