Some Famous Artistic Napkin Folding!

Dressing up tables for everyday use, and dressing it for some special occasion means a lot of difference! For regular usage not every accessory is necessary, but any special occasion keeping the table in well organized and elegant way is of utmost need to make that moment even more special.

Apart from various other accessories, cloth napkins are the most without which every table decoration seems incomplete. Yes, you heard it right, the Cloth Napkins! Also, a cloth napkin placed in different folding enchanting the beauty of the every decoration.

Even from the past times napkin folding is being one of the most artistic features of table dressing. In the bygone times, the napkin folding was quite simple, but today, it grasps the variation from the latest trends and fashions blooming inside the industry that results in the illustrious new folding arts.

Besides several others, there are some very famous artistic napkins folding being used all over. Some of them are specially categorized for some special occasions. Let’s have a look:

  • French Pleat Napkin;
  • Heart Shaped Napkin Fold;
  • Ring Napkin Fold;
  • Modern Bunny Ears;
  • The Pendent Fold.


Despite of the above types of folds, there are much more ways to fold a napkin that will compliment the theme of the occasion. No matter whether you are going for a romantic dinner or a corporate lunch meeting, simply describe your needs to the organizer and they know how to create an elegant look!


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