Folding Napkins in Style for Your Dinner Tables

Folding napkins for a nice lunch or dinner immediately brightens up the room. Folding napkins is an art that many know but only some master! If you are the kind of person who likes to make sure the tables are ready and look beautiful learning the different styles of napkin folding will help you achieve elegant diversity on your table!

Here are a few beautiful and easy napkin folds that instantly change the whole look and feel of the dining table.

Knot Napkin Fold: Use this napkin to bring a festive feeling to your dinner table, use a bright colored napkin that you fold into a knot and maybe put a nice message on it for thanksgiving or Christmas!

Knot Napkin Fold

Square Fold: Elegantly fold your napkins into squares and place them on the dinner table. They work perfectly for a lunch date with your friends at home. Simplicity speaks volumes of style!

square fold napkin

Bunny Fold Napkin: Master this napkin fold and your children will be happy! They work beautifully with adults too! It’s a stylish way of folding napkins and making your dinner table look fun and cool! Use them for Easter dinner parties!

Bunny Fold Napkin

Flower Fold Napkin: This feminine fold will make a perfect setting for a brunch in the garden! Use this pretty fold and receive compliments from everyone! It’s simpler than you think!

Flower Fold Napkin

Fleur De Lis Napkin Fold: This napkin fold is ideal for an extravagant dinner party as it will add volumes of style and an oomph factor to your dinner table especially when matched with the proper crockery and an elegant napkin ring.

Fleur De Lis Napkin Fold